As a child, I always tried to make my surroundings pretty and comfortable. When I went away to work in America, I spent more than anyone else on making my room feel really special and homely so after a long day of adventures I had could curl up in my safe space.

Fast forward to present day; I am recently separated and moving into my own home with my children and starting afresh. There’s something magical about new beginnings and living somewhere where I can truly be myself is the best kind of adventure. I devote myself to my family, our new home and this little space on the web and social media platforms.

When my children are with their father, I love nothing more than travelling the world or keeping myself distracted by beautiful sights closer to home. Going for long walks in the woods or at the beach, cooking and baking, reading, playing board games and losing full evenings scrolling through Hyyge images on Pinterest.

Late 2014, I was diagnosed with Lipoedema which led to a series of surgeries to alleviate the pain I was experiencing and prevent me from a potential wheelchair bound future. Life after Lipoedema is a new journey I am on and whilst it will never define me, I occasionally like to use this space to share with those who know little about the condition, raising awareness of chronic invisible illness, as well as creating a space for discussion and support for others living with Lipoedema.

With an honest, practical and ethical focus on Simple Lifestyle, Travel, Family, and Wellness, I love working with brands and individuals who share the same ethics. I have had a number of mentions in national press and appeared on BBC Breakfast News for another blog of mine since launching that blog in 2015, which has been a wonderful driving force behind growing and continuing to share our lives online.

To some my life may not seem glamourous or exciting, but for me, I am living my dream of a beautiful life with a simple lifestyle and invite you to read all about it.

Hollie x

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