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Switching to bamboo beauty alternatives is not only healthier for you due to its naturally antibacterial properties but its so much better for the environment too. Bamboo will only take a couple of months to decompose as opposed to the several hundred years plastics take!

So here’s the five simplest switches you can make today to kick start your bamboo beauty routine:


You’re meant to replace your toothbrush every 3-4 months, which means adding a heck of a lot of toothbrushing to landfill over a lifetime. Here’s a pack of two to get you started.

Eye make-up remover pads

Go from disposable to reusable with these washable alternatives to cotton wool pads.

Hair brush

They don’t heat up under the stress of a hair dryer like plastic and metal ones do. Your hair will be left feeling smoothened less staticky with a bamboo brush.

Cotton buds

Bamboo sticks with pure cotton buds. Why add something synthetic to an already natural product like wool? More hygienic than plastic too.


Made to last a life time this bamboo razor is much kinder on the environment and even comes with homemade shaving cream recipes.

These are my top five but there are so many more to try out once you’ve got started. Once you get going in the world of bamboo, you’ll want to switch your disposable sanitary wear for bamboo washable cloths. Then you might make the switch to bamboo loo roll. All these bamboo alternatives are so much softer than their original plastic versions! You’ll wonder why you didn’t make the switch before now, especially when you see how much money it saves in the long run.

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